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[Closed]Books, CDs and DVDs spree from Amazon Japan


I want to get something from Amazon Japan so if anyone wants to get any Japanese magazines, books, photobooks, cds or DVDs, do join me so we can share the base shipping charge. :)

- Only accept in-stock items (ONLY books, magazines, CDs and DVDs are allowed for international shipping) and sold by Amazon! No backorder or items from local seller

How to know if your item is in stock and ships from Amazon Japan:

- No payments = no orders and so no booking of slots
- I won't be responsible if merchant ships the wrong item but I will make sure my order sent to merchant is correct.
- If there is any problem with the orders (package missing/damaged etc), all the spree-ers will have to share the cost (assuming we are not able to get a refund/replacement)
- No placing of backordered items
- I reserve the right to accept/reject orders
- I will delete comments which are chit-chat in nature to keep the thread clean. When spree has closed, I will also delete any comments that are not order in nature (this will make it easier for me when I consolidate the orders).
- I will update when there are things to update. So please do not bombard my emails with update request.
- I reserve the right to cancel the spree if respond is not too good
- If you participate in the spree, it would mean that you have read and agreed to my spree Terms & Conditions
- Accepted orders will be freezed.


1. Website that you are ordering from
Amazon Japan

2. When you will stop taking orders
15 items (paid)

May incurr GST if total order exceed S$400. Please be prepared to pay for 5% GST if incurred.

3. Your email address
spreequeen at gmail.com (my shopping email)

4. How spree participants should make payment to you
DBS Savings Plus 024-8-013929

Strictly no interbank or ATM transfer (only DBS/POSB account accepted)

2 Payment will be required:
1. When ordering
2. When paying for local postage cost

Please use your LJ nick when doing the transfer

5. How you will distribute items
Local postage only (NO meet up)

S$0.50 is needed on-top of local postage to cover envelopes and stuff (if you request for bubble wrap, you will have to pay for the bubble envelope)

S$2.20 extra for registered mail (will only mail out on Friday)

6. Exchange rate
SGD1 : JPY76.88

7. Shipping details

International Express Shipping (2-5 working days)

Base charge per item : 1900 Yen/15 = 126.67
Handling charge per item = 300 Yen
Shipping cost per item = 426.67 Yen

8. Format of order
Please follow format strictly. Else, I will ask you to repost your order in the correct format. After transferring the money, please reply to your own comment.

Name/LJ nick:
Account Type/Number: For refunds. If you do not include this, I will refund you last.

Item #1 Name:
URL: http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/help/customer/display.html/250-9500589-1313024?ie=UTF8&nodeId=1039606 Please check your link carefully to avoid wrong item being ordered.
Title (in Japanese): みんなの日本語―初級2本冊 (ペーパーバック)
Price (1): 2625 Yen

Item #2 Name:
URL: Please check your link carefully to avoid wrong item being ordered.
Title (in Japanese):
Price(2) : Yen

Total (3) = Price(1) + Price (2) Yen

Amount to transfer in S$: [Total (3) + (426.67 yen x no of item)] x (1/76.88)


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