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Online shopping in Singapore

Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist

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Sgspree rules and regulations
SGspree – http://community.livejournal.com/sgspree
SGSpree Feedback Centre – http://community.livejournal.com/sgspreefeedback

Part I – membership

A. How to join SGspree.
  1. Membership is open to everyone. To join this community, click here. You will then be able to view and post comments in SGspree.
  2. It is a must to join SGspree before as a member before participating in the sprees.

B. How to be a spree organizer.
New & want to be a spree organizer here in SGspree?
Do read up the rules of SGspreefeedback to find out how.
*Registration's closed at the moment*

C. It is up to you
  1. Organizing and participating in sprees on SGspree are done at your own risk.
  2. Responsibilities lie with spree organizers and participants. See Part II.
Participant: If you don't trust an organizer or the website she's ordering from, don't participate.
Organizer: If you don't wish to accept a particular order, reject it, at your own discretion.

*By joining SGspree and SGspreefeedback, you acknowledge that you have fully read & understood the Rules and Regulations of both communities, and agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to be bound to these terms, do not join. (credits to SGselltrade)


Part II – responsibility
A. Responsibilities of a spree organiser
  1. You are to assume full responsibility for the sprees conducted and should be responsible in ironing out any problem that may arise during the course of the spree. You are also expected to honour the promises made to the spree participants and reply any query that the spree participants may have.

  2. Spree site restrictions
    Sprees for single items, your own hand-made/custom-made stuff and from supplier sources are not allowed.

    Sprees are only permitted for web-based online stores where spree participants have the freedom of choice to purchase what they want. Prices of items have to be clearly stated online.

  3. Agent
    If there is the need to engage the services of a third party (note: not personal shopper aka your friend), please send us the relevant information (agent’s website, agent’s email address, etc) regarding the agent at sgspree.mod@gmail.com and seek approval from us before proceeding with the spree. If you’re getting a friend to help, no extra fee is to be collected.

  4. Currency exchange rate
    You are to follow the exchange rate on this page. Please bookmark the page as it is updated fornightly.

    If a higher exchange rate is incurred, please provide the relevant supporting documents as proof, then proceed with the collection of the shortfall. No proof, no collection. You can only do so only if you’ve been charged a higher forex rate. You are not to collect payment using a higher forex rate for any other purpose.

  5. Initial shipping fee
    You are allowed to collect a maximum of S$3 per item upfront. All excesses from initial shipping fee collected are to be refunded or used to offset other charges.

  6. Acknowledge orders/payments. Please do not accept orders more than you can handle, even if the participants were to disregard the spree cap.

  7. Spree updates
    You are encouraged to liaise with participants through email. It is mandatory to update within 2 days after closing the spree, after which, please provide updates whenever necessary. If there is really nothing to update for a long period of time (e.g. anything more than 2 weeks), it will be good to just inform the spree participants that there is nothing to update.

  8. Transparency
    Please mass-email (instead of emailing individually) your participants so that everyone has peace of mind that you're not cheating them and you're charging them fairly for shipping, etc.

    You must provide printscreens/real copies of the relevant documents when requested.

  9. Cost breakdown
    A breakdown of all charges incurred in the spree must be given. See Part IIA(xi).

  10. Handling fee
    You are ONLY allowed to charge a maximum of $0.50 handling fee per participant (inclusive of the cost of an envelope, scotch tape, marker ink, transport fees, bubblewrap) in any scenario. If you need to collect more, justify it. The $0.50 is not per item, but per participant. Please take note.

    No handling fee of $0.50 is allowed to be charged when meet-up is chosen. If you want to charge the handling fee of $0.50 for meetups, please justify the collection, then seek acknowledgement & approval from your participants first before doing so.

  • xi. Distribution
    Please arrange for and distribute the spree items within 2 weeks after their arrival. Local postal rates are available at singpost.com. Have the common sense to decide the appropriate packaging type for the different items and provide the spree participants with the choices.

    Inform spree participants of their registered article tracking numbers once their packages have been mailed out.

  • xii. No profiting allowed.
    SGspree is strictly a non-profiting community. Every cent collected from the spree participants has to be accounted for. No confiscation of funds is allowed under any circumstances. Any spree organizer found to be unreliable will face an immediate ban.

    You must include your own items in the allocation of shipping costs. If anyone suspects that your spree organizer has not done so, please inform us at sgspree.mod@gmail.com

  • B. Responsibilities of a spree participant
    1. Join sprees at your own risk. Make informed decisions by going through the spree organiser’s feedback page.

    2. Be nice & polite. The spree organizers DO NOT OWE YOU A LIVING.

    3. Read and understand the spree organisers’ spree terms and conditions before joining the spree. Do not ask the obvious. Follow the order format and payment mode exactly as given. If you fail to do so, don’t flinch when the spree organizer snaps at you or delays your refund.

    4. Double check that the spree is still open and the spree cap has not been busted before making payment to the organizer. You can do so by refreshing the spree page. Be considerate and do not burden the spree organizer with more orders than she’s willing to take in.

    5. Make prompt payment, and inform organiser upon payment. If you’re caught giving any false transaction reference number, you’ll be banned from the community.

    6. You are reminded to bookmark the original spree post to keep track of spree status. Check the archives for the spree urls.

    7. Claim your items by the deadline given by the spree organizer, otherwise they will be allowed to confiscate your items and do whatever they please with them.

    8. Spree organizers will not be held liable for lost normal mail. Do check with the other spree participants to see if they have received their packages and bring it up to the moderators if you suspect something is amiss.

    9. You are highly encouraged to leave feedback for the spree organizers:
      Positive – you will definitely join future sprees by the same organizer.
      Neutral – spree experience was okay, but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement.
      Negative – horrible experience.

    10. Spree Requests
      Do not submit spree requests to the moderation queue.


    Part III – General spree post guidelines

    A. Posting of sprees
    1. All spree entries MUST be posted to SGspree, NOT to your own journal.
    2. All posts to sgspree will be moderated.
    3. Organizers are only allowed to post 1 spree every other day, no matter what the speed of moderation is.

    B. Feedback matters
    1. Please include your sgspreefeedback URL and your feedback count (positive, neutral & negative feedback) outside the LJ-cut. Invalid feedback should not to be included in the feedback count.
    2. For co-organisation of sprees, the sgspreefeedback counts and URLs of the spree organizers involved must be included.
    3. From 2 Dec 2006 onward, sgspreefeedback is not allowed to be used for sprees organized anywhere outside of SGspree & invalid feedbacks would be deleted without prior notice.
    4. Spree posts without feedback links from sgspreefeedback will not be approved, with effect from 04 April 06.
    5. Please read this and that if you are still unclear about how to apply to be a spree organiser.

    C. No repeat of your spree post while it's still viewable on the first page of sgspree.
    1. scenario 1: if your Abercrombie spree 1 is on the first page of sgspree, you may not submit a repost for the same spree.
    2. scenario 2: if your Abercrombie spree 1 is still on the first page of sgspree but the status is closed and you wish to open another Abercrombie spree, please use the same spree post to take in another batch of orders.

    D. Spree title
    1. Name of the merchant you are spree-ing from must be indicated in the title of the spree post. Untitled spree posts will be rejected.
    2. Status of spree must be clearly indicated in the title i.e. Open / Closed / Cancelled
    3. Example: LaSenza Spree – OPEN

    E. Reposts
    1. Please include only your feedback count, feedback URL and a hyperlink to the original spree post in your repost. See Part III, point C (above).
    2. Only one repost is allowed per spree.

    F. LJ-cut
    1. Please LJ-cut your spree details (your T&Cs, spree format etc) while posting your spree.
    2. Only one picture is allowed outside the LJ-CUT. It has to be within the size of 300 x 300 pixels. You can have as many images and as big as you like if it is INSIDE the LJ-CUT. Only 10 lines of words are allowed outside of the LJ-CUT. Posts that do not follow this rule will be rejected.
    3. Please keep the information outside the LJ-CUT neat and tidy, else it can be a headache to look at.

    G. Screening and deletion of comments
    1. Comments are not to be screened.
    2. Spree organizers are only allowed to delete comments belonging to the following categories:
      • Queries on sizing
      • Requests to share certain promotions/offers
      • Requests to accept a certain mode of payment/ reopen spree
      • Meet-ups/form of collection
      • Unpaid orders after spree has closed /the stipulated time set has passed(credits to _spreee)
    3. If you really need to have the comment deleted, please inform us at sgspree.mod@gmail.com

    H. Only 1 spree per post.
    1. No one is to combine a few sprees per post. For example, you're conducting a VS spree & then you have an external link somewhere in the post that leads to a GoJane spree (be it to another sgspree link or to other journals).
    2. No adding of external links after your spree is approved as well. Anyone caught doing so would be suspended for a week.
    3. No changing of merchant you are spree-ing from after your post has been approved. Indicate status of spree as ‘cancelled’ and submit a new post for the intended merchant.

    I. The following details must be included in your spree post:
    • Website you’re ordering from
    • Spree cap/ deadline
    • Discounts/ customer loyalty rebate (e.g. drugstore dollars)
    • Your email address
    • Payment options - (to be followed strictly by spree participants)
    • Spree distribution – mail/meetup
    • Exchange rate
    • Shipping details – international shipping/redirection via cgw/vpost, how shipping costs will be divided
    • Mode of update – mass email, spree post, own livejournal, etc
    • Order format (to be followed strictly by spree participants)
    • For Taiwan auction/HK/Chinese/Korean website sprees, please state specifically how payment will be made to the seller i.e. concealed cash/Ezpay/Paypal/etc.

    J. All orders must be posted in sgspree.
    1. Spree organizers are advised to not take in email orders. Get those people to join sgspree and post their orders in the community itself. See Part IA(ii).


    Part IV – Miscellaneous
    1. No DVD spree
      No DVD spree would be allowed anymore because we moderators do not want to get SGspree into trouble as these DVDs may be pirated. Therefore, in order not to get into trouble with the Customs or IDA, we've decided to ban all DVD sprees. (unless you can prove that the DVDs are original - for eg. if the website is a reputable site, or if you have spree-ed from the site before & have seen the DVDs before and can claim that they are original. in that case, and also if you are willing to take responsibility, let the moderators know and we'll make an exception.)

    2. Deletion of spree page
      Spree organizers are not allowed to delete their spree pages given any circumstances. Anyone caught doing so would be banned from SGspree forever because this is a serious offence.

    3. Spamming is a serious offence warranting an immediate ban. (credits to SGselltrade)

      1. What is “spamming”: 'harvesting' or collect email addresses from comments in sgspree posts unwanted & unasked for mass emails. Harassment on Gmail chat or other IM clients is also spam.

      2. If you receive spam adverts from other users, and you have never joined the offender’s mailing list, please forward it immediately to sgspree.mod@gmail.com

      3. If you can be proven to have sent unwanted & unsolicited mass emails to any other sgspree user(s), you are considered to have spammed.

      4. Spammers who promote external (i.e. non-LJ) websites will be banned immediately.

      5. New organizers who have spammed sgspree.mod@gmail.com or sgspree.reg@gmail.com or any other organizers’ email addresses regarding promotion external websites or your own LJ, would not be approved at all.

    4. FAQ regarding Vpost, Shipping, Calculation, Sales Tax

    5. SGspree is a community for Singaporean Livejournal.com users only. Members are NOT allowed to promote any other site (via comments, HTML or photo watermarks). External promotion = 2 week suspension or permanent ban. (credits to sgselltrade)

    6. Users are not to exploit any loopholes in the SGspree community rules and regulations. Please use your common sense at all times to interpret the rules in the spirit as they were intended. (credits to sgselltrade)

    7. We reserve the right to change any of these conditions, and to reject any individual or organisation from joining sgspree. (credits to sgselltrade)

    8. Maintainers and moderators of sgspree are not responsible for any loss in case of fraud /MIA member.

    9. We reserve the right to cancel any spree if the spree organiser is found to be shady or incompetent in spree-organising.

    10. Please don't take it personally if the moderators reject your post without reason =)
    Part V – Suspensions and bans
    1. If the moderators receive any complaints regarding the violation of sgspree rules and regulations by any spree organiser, he/she will be put on KIV list & may be stripped off his/her post as a spree organizer here in SGspree.

    2. Any spree organizers with more than -5 reviews/feedbacks (by different people) on SGspreefeedback will be banned.

    3. Every 3 neutral ratings (by different people) accumulated is considered to be equivalent to 1 negative rating.

    4. 3 suspensions = permanent ban

    5. Decisions made by the maintainers and moderators of sgspree are final.


    Part VI - The team

    Maintainers of SGspree:
    lemonadelove, theknees & unpretty_lady

    theknees - will handle the moderation of sprees on sgspree and any other issues with the website.
    unpretty_lady - will handle sgspreefeedback and the organiser database (sgspree.reg emails)
    summerbelle - will handle all enquiries, fraud cases, complaints, suggestions, and the sgspree.mod emails.
    (w.e.f. 26/11/06)

    1. Please do not email any of the moderators at their personal emails.

    2. All spree-related enquiries, suggestions, complaints, etc should be sent to sgspree.mod@gmail.com

      If there is a spree that you want the moderators to look into, please state the spree url and provide a brief and accurate account of the problem in your email to us.

      We will not respond to queries pertaining to LJ technical issues, or sprees held outside of sgspree.

    3. New organisers emailing their details should send it to sgspree.reg@gmail.com. (w.e.f 14/11/2006). Applications sent to the wrong email address will be ignored.

    4. Suggestions to this list are very much welcome! Please email the Mods @ sgspree.mod@gmail.com

      Note to reporters & journalists
      The mods of this community thank you for your interest in this community. However, neither of the mods are keen on interviews - not online, not in person. Please do not email the mods with interview questions or requests for interviews over coffee. Thank you for respecting our decision.
      p/s: And if you ask us, no, we don't want further publicity for sgspree...