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AA Spree #21 Storewide 15% discount! *cancelled*

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Jun. 1st, 2011 | 11:09 am
posted by: sephirias in sgspree


feedback 185/0 http://community.livejournal.com/sgspreefeedback/63288.html

Check to see if the spree cap has been met. If you transfer even though the cap's been met, I'll refund you upon closure of the whole spree (3 wks later). I am going to be very firm about this as many people are taking advantage of the situation.

email any qns to sephirias @ gmail.com.

1. Spree at www.americanapparelstore.com

2. Spree capped at USD 250 after discount. Paid orders will have priority over unpaid ones. Working by a first-pay-first-serve basis.

3. Shipping details: AA to SG. The flat fee of USD 25 shipping charge will be divided among # of items ordered
Me to you (singpost, no meet-ups)

I will be collecting $2/item for shipping first.

4. Payment to be made to POSB savings 002-62307-2. Pls make payment and the order in 1 comment. Interbank transfer only. No exception.

There will be 2 payments made:

i. Cost of item(s) + $2 (no. of items)
ii. Local Postage + Top-ups (if any) + 0.50 (packaging and handling)

5. Format of Order:
Name/Lj nick:
Email Address:
Acct no:

Size: *pls check*
Color: *pls check*
Cost in USD: $10
Qty: *pls check*
Alt if OOS: *pls provide link and details*

Total no. of items:
Total Cost in USD: 10
Total cost in SGD: ($10 * 1.28 * 0.85) + $2(no. of items) + $0.50

To Account
Transaction Reference

6. Items will be mailed out upon arrival. No meet-up. Registered mail will cost u an extra SGD 2.24.

7. Packing fee of $0.50 will be collected for each spree-er, regardless of size of order.

8. Pls email me if you have any queries = ) Pls keep this order thread clean.

9. All orders are to be posted here.

Thanks and have fun! = )

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