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Forever 21 Spree #100-121 *CLOSED*

Forever 21 Spree #100-121 *CLOSED*

Batch 1 (#100) via vpost: sixthalibi_ to _cayene, excluding poppa_dummies (distributed)
Batch 2 (#101) via intl shipping: poppa_dummies, alfalfanarchy, Junklutz, feliciahu, lostzone85, fangisan, a-coriander, the_tangs_gal, quinceanero (distributed)
Batch 3 (#102) via vpost: phin77 to charmant_05 (distributed)
Batch 4 (#103) via vpost: goddessfreja to sugar168, excluding tearsdoll (distributed)
Batch 5 (#104) via vpost: nomiswhy to brightiez, including tearsdoll (distributed)
Batch 6 (#105) via vpost: miss_tham to goddessfreja (distributed)
Batch 7 (#106) via vpost: poisonlemon to peilin06, excluding olizhu (distributed)
Batch 8 (#107) via vpost: chiachiachia to tokyo_princess, including olizhu (distributed)
Batch 9 ($108) via vpost: perhapsloveis to meellanie (distributed)
Batch 10 (#109) via intl shipping: yvettedior to myglorydays (distributed)
Batch 11 (#110) via intl shipping: dipintherainbow to josgarden (distributing)
Batch 12 (#111) via intl shipping: wallflower83 to sugar168 (distributing)
Batch 13 (#112) via intl shipping: in-thetwilight to shatterday (distributing)
Batch 14 (#113) via intl shipping: Dchic to loveforlace, including sophisticationn and ruoshi (distributing)
Batch 15 (#114) via intl shipping: indulgingjolene to quinceanero, including da_shopaholic (distributing)
Batch 16 (#115) via intl shipping: halw to fashhash, excluding creatisthus (distributing)
Batch 17 (#116) via intl shipping: D0lphinz to Inkedcheeks, including creatisthus (distributing)
Batch 18 (#117) via intl shipping: weeping_ger to runwayjealousy (distributing)
Batch 19 (#118) via intl shipping: D0lphinz to emptydrafts (distributing)
Batch 20 (#119) via intl shipping: claribee to chiouhuey (distributing)
Batch 21 (#120) via intl shipping: daisydimpy to appleroses (distributing)
Batch 22 (#121) via intl shipping: humorless84 to tokyo_princess (distributing)

All batches ORDERED! Status updated as at 6 Jul 2010!

Sgspree fb [+645, -0]

Terms & Conditions
** Please only spree with me if you have read and are comfortable with my Terms & Conditions
** Please post your orders correctly with the correct URLs and item names, double, triple check.
** Please check if you have transferred the correct sum of money, and update payment with reference number, in a comment replying to your comment with orders.
** Only taking in PAID orders. Unpaid orders will be deleted.
** Items to be claimed within 2 weeks of arrival.
**Take note that
shipping charges will be divided accordingly to Units. Pls do not join if you are not comfortable with this.

1) Wesbite Ordering From:

2. When you will stop taking orders:
When I hit USD250 for vpostUSA shipping (shipping divided by units) or USD200 for international shipping (shipping to be split by unit price and only accepting bulky/heavy items).

3. How spree participants should make payment to you:
Funds transfer to POSB Savings 107513663, NO INTERBANK Transfers please! And please ROUND UP, not round down your payment.

4. Exchange rate:
USD1 = SGD1.46

5. Shipping Details:
Free shipping from F21 to Vpostusa to me OR
International Shipping of USD35

6. How you will distribute items:
Strictly by normal mail only. Not responsible for lost mail!

7. Join my mailing list HERE!

8. All updates will be done via email and through my livejournal.

9. Payment details:
1st payment: item x 1.46
2nd payment: initial shipping charges + local postage + $0.50 handling fee

10. Format of order

Name/LJ nick:
Bank acct type/no:

Item #1
Item Name:
Item URL:
Price in USD:
Alternative if OOS: *same price if not pls indicate DNB*

Total # of Items:
Total in USD:
Total in SGD: XX x 1.46 =

From Account POSB Savings
To Account POSB Savings
107513663 exquinna
Amount S$XX.XX
Transaction Reference XXXXXXXXX

8. I reserve the right to reject orders from spree-ers with bad reputation as well.

9. I welcome all queries at exquinna@gmail.com

10. Thank you for reading, and happy spree-ing!
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